To ignite your business online, you must always use clear and concise messaging.

That’s it. End of blog. Perhaps I’m being a little facetious. Maybe there’s slightly more to the story, so allow me to elaborate. Igniting your business online is about two things: 1) Growing/Increasing your online performance, and 2) Improving sales.

Regardless of whether you run an online shop or you’re a restaurant owner, igniting your online presence is about improving your sales. The way you do that for every business is different, but the core fundamentals are the same.

Here’s a little backstory on how I have come to this conclusion. In the early years of KOER Creative we offered a variety of businesses the same services. We were working with non-profits, fitness centers, magazines, etc. We often used the same strategies to approach these diverse audiences. We would see one client have tremendous success and another remain passive.

We were focused on the wrong fundamentals. We were more focused on the delivery and placement of the message, instead of how the message was written.

This led us to creating The Brand Script, which is a framework we offer to businesses that lays the groundwork for your business’s messaging. It forces your messaging through specific steps that positions your messaging in a clear and concise way. Furthermore, it adds a layer of consistency and changes how your brand interacts with your customer.

To ignite your business online, it starts with messaging.

Don’t get me wrong, the placement of your message is very important too. With the growth of social media advertising and the ability to deliver your message to a specific audience, utilizing both placement and messaging can be very powerful!

However, because of the attention span of the online audience, if your message is unclear, you will immediately lose your potential customer.

When we are hired to manage a business’s social media accounts, we begin by writing a Brand Script for their business that aligns every post, tweet, and pin together in harmony with one another. This allows the content to be clear, concise, and consistent. To speak louder, we add the proper photos, graphics, and creative content that can lead to increased engagement. These tactics are not new, but the strategy in how they are conceived is different than other agencies and companies I have worked for in the past.

Likewise, when we are hired for a business’s website design, one of the first things we bring to light is messaging. Websites are tricky because of all the moving parts. You have to have great design so the user experience is excellent. You have to have rock solid code to protect the website’s security and so the website speed is fast. Also, it must meet the standards set by industry leaders like Google to ensure the best search engine optimization. But even if you excel in the design and code, you have to be able to clearly speak to your customers. Because your website is your most important sales person, it can have all the bells and whistles, but if it doesn’t communicate clearly (and quickly) none of design matters.

If you’re ready to ignite your business online, we would love to help get the ball rolling, contact us today.

To learn more about our branding philosophy and how your own Brand Script can help you create clear and concise messaging that ignites your business online, click here.