Did you know that 83% of the time brands don’t respond to customer service message on their social media within 72 hours? That means that 4 out of 5 social users (and potential new or repeat customers) are not getting the answers or solutions they are looking for on your business’s Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, or Instagram within 3 business days.

To me, these are startling numbers.

Many businesses do a decent job of posting creative and consistent content. Their content produces likes, shares, and comments. One of the most common problems we see, is the lack of interaction between the business and its followers.

We believe this in many cases is due to a lack of time. Whether you’re the owner of a small business and manage your social profiles or you have an employee or manager running your social media, many businesses fail to provide adequate time to customer services.

Why is social customer service important?

Lets start with bad customer service. 52% of customers will not buy after a bad customer service experience, and 72% of buyers consider slow online customer service a bad experience. On the positive side, 42% of customers will buy after a good customer service experience, and 69% of buyers indicated that fast online customer service a good experience.

What this tells us is speed matters.

This information drives us to help our clients focus on customer service, along with great creative and consistent social content. This is something we include in every social media marketing plan we offer. A lot of agencies will consider customer service an add-on to social media service, but the numbers speak for themselves. Customer service must be seen as important as posting content and growing your follower-base.

How can you provide better customer service?

We believe that better customer service starts with consistency, followed by speed. For smaller businesses checking social media messages and comments one to two times a day will suffice. For larger businesses, checking every few hours (at a minimum) is best.

Simple, clear responses that answer the customer’s questions or concerns is all it takes to turn a negative experience into a positive one.

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