Social Media is always evolving and developing new ways to boost your brand to a targeted audience. It has become more and more difficult to develop organically as the big players like Facebook and Twitter look to capitalize on the demand consumers provide. So we put together three ways you can organically boost your brand on social media to increase interaction, growth, and sales.

1. Be Visual

It is important to use visual representations of your advertisements. With video, images, and more, we can create a beautiful persona to promote products, sales, services, and more with ease. When using an image, always use a .png for the best possible quality. Make sure your visual content is appealing and professional or it may have a negative impact.

2. Content Matters

Since we can use a variety of visuals to represent a brand, it is crucial to understand how your audience reacts to the content you post. We suggest keeping your captions to a minimum. Be precise. If you have an image that displays all the information of an event, it’s not as important to repeat that information in the caption. Instead, warmly invite the viewer to the event. Likewise, if you are explaining the event with the caption, use an image or video that visually represents the caption.

Additionally, use a variety of photos, videos, links, and events so your audience see something unique and different each day.

3. Show Personality

Social media is designed for user-experience. It lives through user-generated content created by unique personalities. Your followers and audience will respond to your unique voice and personality and show that someone lives behind your brand and logo. Don’t abuse social media by advertising your business too often. In the same breath, don’t be the guy who talks about himself too much. Find a ratio of advertisements to personality that your audience interacts with and stick to it.

Closing Thoughts

We use these tactics (along with a few secret ingredients) for our social media clients to organically boost their social media campaigns. Although social media has an ever-changing landscape. These tips have longevity and are good practices to implement into any campaign right away.

Feeling overwhelmed with your social media marketing? Talk to us. We can help consult your brand towards success.