Today, we are introducing the start of a series of posts on social media marketing. We will cover a range of questions, give some tips, and how-to guides that are designed to help improve your social media campaigns. When we discuss social media marketing with new and potential clients, we always start by sharing we have three goals to accomplish through social media: 1) Create engagement. 2) Find new customers. 3) Bring people through your doors.

We will start by sharing when the best time to post on Facebook is and why it is important. This information is important for creating engagement with your friends and organically boosting your posts.

Best Days to Post on Facebook

There are a couple factors to consider when figuring out the best times to post on Facebook. Lets start with what days of the week are best.

For most audiences, posts on Saturdays and Sundays tend to receive the most shares. Monday through Wednesday are off days and generally receive less engagement. The two best days to post on Facebook are Thursdays and Fridays. We like to think of these as weekend planners.

 Airplay Weekly's best day of the week to post on Facebook.

For example, if you own a restaurant, we would want to share the most important information of the week on Thursday or Friday. Likewise, if we were going to invite patrons to come eat and drink at your restaurant over the weekend, we would want to post that on the Thursday before. The reason is it is important to allow customers time to plan ahead, especially for special events or sales.

Best Time of Day to Post on Facebook

Now that we have learned that Thursdays and Fridays are the most effective days to post on, it’s important to learn what time of day to post.

For most audiences, posts between 9am to 7pm are generally the most successful. We found that 1pm is the best time to get shares, while 3pm is a better time to get click-throughs to the website.

Facebook Insights of when Airplay Weekly's fans are online.

Above is a more typical example of when a page’s users are online. We pinpointed that between 9am and 10am on Thursdays is Airplay Weekly’s most valuable post time during the week. However, there are some nuances. For example, on a campaign targeting clicks-throughs for, posts after 4pm did the best. Posts as late as 10pm reached more than double the page’s audience.

It is important to learn when your audience is online through your Facebook page’s insights tab. We suggest trying to post once a day when at least 30% to 35% of your audience is online and see how the results vary.

Our Conclusion

Learning the best time to post on Facebook is important for knowing when to post the most valuable pieces of content. It doesn’t make sense to send out an important piece of content when there are less eyes to consume the information.

We are about simplicity. The general rule of thumb is to share your most important content around 1pm or 3pm on Thursdays and Fridays. This is a good starting point, but if you would like to learn more about your audience, when is the right time for your business to post, or if you need help running your Facebook profile(s), please feel free to contact us.