Your website is your most important marketing asset. It’s the glue that connects traditional and digital marketing. It’s a sales pitch to new customers, a resource hub for your current clients, and the mechanism that connects your product to the world.

As important as your website design is, many businesses forget to optimize their website marketing and miss out on countless sales.

Why does this happen?

Often times website marketing optimization is overlooked by agencies and business alike. Some agencies will only implement search engine optimization (SEO) to your website design, which can help your website be more easily found across search engines like Google and Bing with keywords. But almost everyone overlooks website marketing optimization, which a fancy way of saying branding.

Branding & Your Website

To ensure that your website is your most important marketing asset and salesperson, you must make your branding clear and concise. In our marketing philosophy, we makes sure to always call to the customer action, have unified messaging across every advertising platform (including website, social media, and traditional marketing), and guide your customers to your products/services.

This marketing philosophy applies to every single page on your website.

The reason concise website marketing is important is because 55% of your average website viewers will only spend about 15 seconds on your website. When the messaging on your website is not clearly displayed and concise, there is a good chance your potential sale will click onward to the next website. Now, we believe there is a time and place to be technical and expound on your product/service, for us you’re reading it now in our blog. If you briefly click through each page of our website, you’ll notice each section is very concise. This is intentional. We want to engage our customers in phone calls and emails to guide them to a sale.

Although the gateway of the sale may change for each individual business, this philosophy may be applied to almost every industry.

The Conclusion

Our goal when we build a website is help your branding and website succeed. If you’re going to invest $1800, $3200, $6000, or more, your investment should yield a return.

Your average websites viewer has a short attention span, be clear, be concise, and your website sales will perform at a much higher rate. When we switched to this format in 2015, our sales quadrupled.

If you would like to talk to us about your website design and optimizing your brand, contact us. We would love to help guide you to a more clear and concise message.