In 2015, we implemented a radical new approach to our marketing strategy–telling story. As we developed an internal brand script that every marketing asset we produce would utilize, we found something powerful. New customers loved our new approach and the innovation of utilizing story to market products and services. The result was an increase of our sales by 4x! Now, we’re offering the same tactics for every client.

It starts with a hero.

We process every brand script with a simple story line process that can be seen and heard in thousands of movies and books, including the most popular ones like the new Star Wars movie coming out next Thursday. Because I’m a bit of a nerd and Star Wars has been revitalized by Disney, we’ll use it as an example.

In Star Wars you have a hero, his name is Luke Skywalker.

Now the hero has a problem, the evil empire has this planet sizzling Death Star that needs to be destroyed so the rebellion can take back power of the galaxy and restore peace.

But Luke has yet to learn the ways of the Force. Thus, he needs to meet a guide. His guide happens to be one of the most beloved characters, Yoda. The Jedi Master must train up Luke to be strong in the force so that he can help the rebellion beat the empire and restore peace.

Before Luke succeeds though, Yoda must call him to action:

“Do. Or do not. There is no try.”

The call to action from Yoda is key because it presents an option to Luke. Success is destroying the Death Star and restoring peace. Failure is allowing the empire to continue and violate the people.

Obviously, in this story the call to action is heard and Luke succeeds and everyone gets a happy feeling of success.

Your Brand is the Guide

Too often, we encounter brands that make themselves the hero. They tell a customer how their life will be better if the customer buys their product. We believe a better way to position your brand is making the customer the hero and capturing their attention by being the guide.

For example, lets say you own an Auto Shop and you fix cars. You may not be the cheapest place in town, but you offer tremendous quality work.

You meet a customer who is in dire need of help, their transmission just went out and they have to replace it immediately.

This customer has a problem. As the guide, you present them a solution and call them to action. If they succeed in the action you have called them to their car will be fixed quickly with quality parts and service, however, if they fail to act, their car won’t run and is worthless to them as means of transportation.

We Are Yoda

In our office, we like to remind ourselves, “We are Yoda, the customer is Luke.”

When you position your brand to be the guide to a customer’s problem, your marketing becomes people-focused, not product-focused. This means you will gain a clear and concise brand identity that offers solutions, not just products. When we implemented this strategy to KOER Creative, we saw our sales increase by 4x, but more importantly, we got engaged more into the community around us and by the business leaders in Vancouver, Washington.

Not all brands are alike, but all brands can use this same concept.

We’ve used this philosophy for online and brick and mortar retail, non-profits, news/media, hospitality, and so far it works for every industry we have implemented it in.

Talk to us today about creating a brand script or marketing campaign for your business today, we would be more than happy to guide you through the process.